Saturday, May 29, 2010


Well it's finally here... after weeks of planning, months of waiting, days of packing... it's finally here! Today we fly off on our "Aussie Euro Trip"...

The weekend so far has been an awesome one. I (Dank) have been in Bunbury since Friday night, so have seen lots of family - went out for a drink with the crew last night, and as Nic and I toasted our holiday over Barbados cocktails, the realisation sunk in -it' time to party like it's 2010!

Our bags are packed, cameras charged and money exchanged. We're off this morning to Perth International Airport... our flight leaves at 3.55pm. We will fly to Singapore and then on to ATHENS! where we will land at approx 9am. We will then fight our way through the ash cloud and firebombers to Plaka Hotel Athens, and meet up with the rest of the Contiki crew...

Until Athens - Yasou!

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