Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photos: Day 1

Hello from Italy!

Well danika and I are in Napoli, Italy at the moment. It has been a very full on 14 days of travel, tours, meeting new people, eating new foods, sites, weddings, hotels...... and im only halfway through!
Every place we have been to, though only for a short time, have blown us away with the different lifestyle and colture, beautiful sights and kindness. I have been keeping a journal but it will not let me copy and past each entry *sigh* so here is what we have been up to in photos:
Day One:
Photo - 1. Flying to Athens, 2. Sunset from the plane, 3. Danika next to the view of the Acropolis from our hotel, 4. Myself next the the view of the Acropolis from our hotel, 5. Danika's purchase in the flea market, 6. a quick shot of vodka, 7. Arcropolis by night.

Our first night was in Athens. After hearing about all the problems and riots i was abit scared to be there. One night before the tour and one night after, i told myself, and that is all!
How wrong were we!!
Athens was BEAUTIFUL! We stayed in the Plaka districts and you would know that there was a current crisis. The people were lovely and helpful, the stalls were endless, the food was delicious, the weather was perfect and the view... wow!
I am so thankful i had such low expectations because I was just blown away and I know Danika was as well.
Everyone has a different opinion about Athens, i have heard many negative, but I will be back!
Today we met our Contiki tour group of about 19, and our tour manager Paola who was a darling! 4 Aussies, bout 8 or so from america, 3 from brazil and a few couple from canada made up our group and we went out to dinner t a beautiful resturant with greek music and dance and food.
Welcome to Greece!
Nicol & Danika xxx

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  1. I left a post on the contiki forum, but in case you didnt see it, I wanted to let you know how helpful your blog is! The sunset picture you took in Santorini is gorgeous! I am going on this trip September 19th and want to find out as much as possible. Do you remember the names of the hotels you stayed in? How was the cruise ship? Any particular tavernas or restaurants you would suggest? Thank you so much for all your help.