Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 10 - Colosseo and frantic train ride from Rome to Naples

This day was one massive LOL. 

We woke up in Rome and decided to go see the Colosseum before getting on our train to Naples. We somehow managed to turn a 10 minute train ride from our hotel into a 30 minute walk to get the Colosseum (this was NOT contributed to me [Danika], I swear!) We jumped on a tour and went through the amazing sites of Colosseum (I will never get sick of this place!)

Once we got back to the hotel, we had to repack my suitcase into a new bag as the old one had busted. We   realised we were running short on time so started a fast paced trot to the train station. My new replacement bag started to fall apart at the seems (great buy!) and had completely lost the plot, it's handle and a wheel by the time we got to the train station. Nicole was nice enough to buy me a suitcase at the train station as my pay hadn't come through (eep!) and we ran frantically, repacking my bag as we ran, to find our train (by this time we were almost about to miss it).

We found a lovely policeman who pointed us in the right direction and put us on the train (we rewarded him with the new bag that had fallen apart) and stood on the train, which was packed to the point we almost had to stand. 2 very nice looking Italian men offered to squish up together so we could have a double seat, and hoisted my 25kg suitcase up onto the luggage rack. 

We set off for Naples on what proved to be a thankfully boring trip. We arrived at the train station and were very happy to see a familiar Bunbury face, Stef Casadio. We headed to his apartment and were reunited with Debbie Lee, Tiffany and Daniel. 

Tif, Nicole and I headed off to see the sites of the Casadios new home.

1. Nicoles first view of Colosseo

2. Inside

3. Tadaaaa!

4. Palatine

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