Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 12 - Sorrento and Positano

As beautiful as these places are, man was I gru-mpy today! We took a train to Naples, then hopped on a bus to Sorrento. We had amazing Pizza then wandered the markets, sampling Lemoncello and buying scarves. 

We then found another bus to take us to Positano, it went waaaaaay too fast on waaaay too narrow roads and induced a huge case of grumpies in me!

Once we arrived safely in Positano (thank you Jesus!) we had a wander, walked too many stairs and took some photos. Tip to the traveler - TAKE THE BUS TO THE BOTTOM, INSTEAD OF GETTING OFF AT THE TOP AND WALKING DOWN SEVEN THOUSAND STAIRS.

We then jumped back on the bus and ran into the Long family (from Bunbury - go figure). We were squashed to the back of the bus and I sat squashed under a chair on the floor, while Nicole was lucky enough to be wedged next to a sweaty mans crotch. 

We got back to Sorrento then headed to the train back to Naples. That night we stayed at the Casadios spanish neighbors house as the Casadio house was full of guests and bridesmaids. 

1. Beautiful Positano

2. Danika at the top of Positano 

3. Nicole at Positano

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