Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 8 - Arriving back in Athens


It was an emotional day. The night previous we had to say goodbye to Richie and Brent, who were getting off bright and early to get on a flight to start their next adventure, so we woke up 2 members short. After a veeeeery early breakfast we disembarked the Aquamarine for the last time and headed into Athens. 

Nicole, Tara and I had decided to do the Athens tour, we were the only ones and although it was a wonderful tour I think it would have been better to do on a day where we had had more sleep the night previous. After following the Green Umbrella through the sites of Athens we retired to Plaka Hotel, where we ran into a bunch of girls from our group. We decided to meet that night for dinner, which we did. We were given roses and sung to - aaahh, Greek men!!!!


1. At the Temple of Olympian Zeus 
 2. Us overlooking the city of Athens 
 3. Green umbrella guide lady
 4. In front of Athens sporting stadium
(Tara on the left)
 5. Erechtheion 

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