Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 7 - Cruising to Crete & Santorini

Cruising to Crete & Santorini

Last day on contiki. Dank and i slept through breaki so decided to grab brunch in Crete. Crete was not what i expected and was probably the most disappointing place we have been. Was just a business city, shoud have slept longer but we can now say we have been there.
had late lunch on the boat and a couple of drinks, played more Blackjack then got ready for Santorini. We had to jump on tender boats to reach tthe port, rocky yet fun.
30 min bus ride to get to thira and look out over the ocean and down the cliff face at all the houses. Was stunning!!
We got back to the port by riding donkeys down a zig zag cliff face path. Very fun but felt mean making them walk down stairs :( looked hard on them. Tendered it up back to the ship and got a glimse of the sunset through the clouds. Very pretty.
Had a final dinner together and danced it up. Had to say goodbye early to the boys as they were leaving at 5am. So sad!

1. Streets of Crete, 2. Eating Crepes for breaki, 3. Sun through the clouds at Santorni, 4. Danika against the view over the cliff face, 5. Myself against Santorini, 6. Santorini, 7. Donkeys, 8. Riding the donkey down the cliff, 9. Sunset while boarding from tender boats, 10. drunk shot, 11. Some of the group, 12. Ozzies!

Nicole & Danika xxx

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