Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photos: Day 4 - Mykonos, Paradise Beach

Mykonos - Paradise Beach


Danika had a bit of cold so slept most of the morning whilst i climbed Aphrodite's right boob. After lunch we all jumped on a bus to paradise beach for 5 hours. Much drinking, card games, dancing and passing out to happen!

1. Paradise beach, 2. Tiffany & Myself, 3. Tiffany, Lauren & Me, 4. Gang - Tiff, me, brent, dank lauren, 5. dank and me drinking & posing, 6. everyone getting north vodka poured down our throats (YUM) 7. Gaz & Richie playin kings again

Photo's Cont:
8. Shannon and myself, 9. The ozzies - brent, richie, me and dank, 10. "dare u to dance on the table" 11. girls scoring a jug of free booze, 12. Richie passed out, the source of many great fotos!

Nicole & Danika xxx

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