Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photos: Day 6 - Cruise to Turkey & Patmos

Cruise to Kusadusi, Turkey & Patmos
Woke up early to spend the morning is Kusadasi/Turkey. This place was a huge highlight! the area filled with ruins was simply amazing! Ill let the photos do the explaining but also you should definately check it out for yourself. Go to Turkey right now!!
Fter a couple of hours and a bit of market shopping we jumped back on the boat, danika had a nap so I had lunch of the top deck with a few of the crew. then it was time to hop off at Patmos. This place was not very exciting. Had one main street and it was the only day that rained so an hour there was enough for us and we hopped back onto the boat. Had dinner, got hooked on Blackjack for a couple of hours and had another dance. funfunfun!!!
1. Ephesus entrance, 2. columns, 3. Danika next to some ruins, 4. remains of a temple, 5. Ephesus in the background with us, 6. Ephesus up close, 7. Ephesus library, 8. Danika as a statue, 9. Me in the poppies

Photos Cont:
10. Danika found burger king, 11. The Aquamarine, 12. The port of Kusadusi, 13. The pool and bars on the top deck, 14. Street in Patmos, 15. Playing Blackjack, 16. Rich, Kylie, Sasha, Dank & I dancing, 17. Brent & Dank, 18. The Girls, Brent & our waiter!

Nicole & Danika xxx

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