Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photos: Day 5 - Mykonos & Cruise

Day 5 - Mykonos & boarding the Cruise

It was our last day in Mykonos, so we lazed around the pool, had a quick meeting and checked out. Grabbed some lunch at the taverna down the road then jumped on the bus to Mykonos town for drugs for danks cold and so she could get some photos with her big camera. Wandered around, grabbed an icecream, caught the bus back and chilled until it was time to leave to board the cruise ship.
Boarded the AquaMarine at 6pm and had buffet dinner, checkout out our rooms, then met up at the moonlight disco and had a dance.

1. Taverna for lunch, 2. The most photographed church in Mykonos, 3. Little Venice in Mykonos, 4. Myself testing out the life jacket, 5. Danika demonstrating how to jump off a sinking ship, 6. Titanic, 7. dank & me at the moonlight disco, 8. Melissa, matt, brent & me 9. richie, brent & matt, 10. Danika's falling bed

Nicole & Danika xxx

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